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Please right click on the software package and select “save target as” . This will then save the Gotech Software Package Onto your computer’s hard drive. After downloading, unzip the contents and run setup

Please click here to download the software package


Gotech MFI v1 - v6 and PRO v1 - v6 ecu uses

Dealer Tune.exe


Gotech MFI X  and PRO X uses

PRO X Tuner.exe


Gotech AFR X, Boost X and Gear X uses

GearX AFRX.exe


Minimum System Requirments:

Win XP , Pentium 2, 256mb Ram, 200mb free space

Not compatible with Win 98, Win 7 & Win Vista

Please click here to download the software upgrade


Software Upgrade For:

Gotech Gauge V7

PowerMods V1/2

PowerMods Dash Logging


Note: The Gotech software package must be installed prior to

running the software upgrade. Once the software upgrade

has been downloaded copy all .exe files to the computer desktop.

Please click here to download the software manual