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Gotech Wideband Lambda Controller with display

















Are you finding yourself guessing if your car’s ecu is set up correctly?


Take the guess work out of tuning your engine with our handheld wideband air/fuel ratio meter. This meter can be used as a handheld device or permanently mounted inside the car for visual inspection. Own your own performance tuning “workshop” today!


The basic Gotech AFR-X kit consists of:

- Gotech wideband air/fuel display

- Universal wiring loom

- Software CD

- Wideband bosch Lambda sensor.


Basic Features:

- Full wideband control. Uses Bosch lsu sensor
- Extreamly quick refresh time
- Accurate readings

- Configurable between Petrol, Diesel, Methanol or LPG


Software Features:

- Compatable with Win 98; Me and XP

- Live AFR display through a rs232 cable











All specifications subject to change without notificaiton.