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Welcome To The Gotech Web Site


We hope that you will find this site both satisfying and simple.


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Why go Gotech?

A question that we do receive quite often is why should I use a Gotech Engine control unit and what improvements will I notice.


Why choose a Gotech? Well the Gotech engine control unit is a fully stand alone and tunable computer. This is one of the most reliable equipment that you can get for your car, truck, boat or experimental aircraft.

The engine control unit does not produce extra power... it is the vehicle's engine that makes the power and the Gotech computer simply optimizes what you've already got.


History And Background

We strive is to achieve Horsepower. In 1998, Gotech opened its doors and quickly earned a reputation for its ability to develop the fastest vehicles at racetracks across the country. As the performance market began to grow, Gotech's success ultimately led to the production of products for the performance car market-long before it was the popular thing to do.



We as Gotech is a company that specializes in the Designing, manufacturing and the distribution of our own Engine Control Units (ECU) and their accessories. These accessories include Wiring harnesses, state of the art Software and User Manuals etc. This far we have created many unparalleled high performance ECU’s which includes the Gotech PRO X and Gotech MFI PRO. Our Latest and Most Powerful ECU the Gotech MFI PRO-X2 is our greatest victory in Engine Management, and is able to give full Sequential Fuel and Ignition control to your engine.


Gotech Racing

All of Gotech's products are under extensive testing for performance and reliability. Although our company has advanced beyond its tuner shop roots, Gotech maintains a visible presence at racetracks across the country through Gotech Racing, and sponsorship commitments with some of the country's best racing teams. This assures our customers that our products are not only proven through dyno testing, but real world testing as well. On track support is now available on request in the Gauteng area (South Africa). With the use of our new six channel datalogger and lambda sensor your car can now be fine tuned at the racetrack by our professional team.



Our products are put to the test by various automotive publications including the Speed and Sound, Performance Ford, Max Power and Track and Race Cars Magazines. In the end, the results of these independent tests are always the same-our products consistently outperform the competition



Gotech full installation center now open in Germiston, Johannesburg, South Africa. Our installation center is equipped with the latest, state of the art equipment and a brand new loading dyno-meter machine. Our installation center specializes in Gotech installations, dyno tuning and fault finding. Gotech fuel injector cleaning now available from our installation center. Our state of the art machine ultrasonically cleans and back flushes most electronic fuel injectors.


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